Saturday, 3 December 2016

Daniel who?

Saturday 3 December 2016, Stamford AFC 3 Newcastle Town 1 - Northern Premier League, Division One South, Zeeco Stadium

Daniel who? Stamford, the club with a great name for their new stadium - The Zeeco, also have a great nickname 'Daniels' - where does that come from?

Legend has it that the fattest person in England died near the site of their old ground in 1809 , Daniel Lambert was over 52 stone when he died.

Newcastle arrived sitting in second place and should have started favourites for the game but quickly found themselves one down, but in the second half they got back on terms and looked like they would go on and win it. But the home side had two young subs arrive on the pitch and in the last 6 minutes both scored to give the 'Daniels' a 3-1 win.

The ground is part of a sports complex and is just over 2 years old, it has plenty of potential for growth and they seem to be a club run well- their fans recomended the home made soup from the snack bar - not your usual cup-a-soup here.

Nothing to dislike about this ground even if it is new, only minus point was the quality of the other pitches next to the clubhouse - need a bit of loving care.

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