Thursday, 29 September 2011

Good times are back?

Tuesday 27th September 2011, West Ham United 0 Ipswich Town 1 - Championship, Upton Park

The delay is posting is due to shock! We played well- whole team and won at west Ham - great display by the team and great support but the Blue Army- just glad I was there.

Monday, 19 September 2011

How much did the tribunal say?

Monday 19th September 2011, Ipswich Town 3 Coventry City 0, Championship - Portman Road

What a change! On Sky and winning and how much did the tribunal say Cresswell was worth? Thank god he plays his best game after they decide how much we have to pay Tranmere!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saw the mighty Cav

Saturday 17th September 2011 - Tour of Britain Cycle Race, start of stage 7 (Bury St Edmunds), and the hill climb (Christchurch Park, Ipswich)

Mark Cavendish with his new team mates?

Sport spectating for free! An early start this morning to get to Bury St Edmunds to witness the start of Stage 7 of the Tour of Britain then a quick dash back to Ipswich to watch the hill climb in Christchurch Park.

As a longtime fan of the Tour De France and cycling in general, it is great that the surge in the sports priority has enabled us to witness the unique spectacle of road racing. I am sure there are similarities with Grand Prix and GP Motor Cycling, all the tour buses, bikes set up, mechanics but unlike Grand Prix - all free.

Angel Hill was covered in the tour buses, the cars with the bikes on their roofs and the cyclists themselves. The lack of security of formality, the ability to touch the bikes, talk to some of the riders. That may be getting harder as Mark Cavendish - 'the Manx missile' was mobbed between tour bus and the start.

It also gave me the opportunity to witness the Team Sky team close up, the flash Jaguar cars, the bus (hotel on wheels, the clothing.bikes, mechanics. I was even able to stand right next to the Team Sky Sports Director, Sean Yates as he was interviewed by ITV.

A great experience, but being at the start you do not witness the pelaton in full flow, but a quick dash to Ipswich and I was able to witness Cavendish, Thomas and others fly up the hill in Christchurch Park.

Now to get that bike out of the garage.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Saturday 3rd September 2011 Haverhill Rovers 3 Brantham Athletic 2 FA Cup Preliminary Round - The New Croft

Last Year I saw my first FA Cup game at Clacton on the Essex coast, a midweek evening fixture as it was a replay. This season my first FA Cup match was played on a Saturday with weather more suitable for cricket.

The venue was The New Croft at Haverhill. One of the many new grounds that have popped up over the country, this one just a couple of seasons old.

There is criticism of certain new grounds, all built the same, pre fab, no character, dull but lets also be honest, they provide better facilities for spectators, a bar to raise funds and on top of that close to a school so Youth football can also get it's chance. Well done Haverhill a real community club.

The game, two teams who have started the season well, with Brantham fielding one of the top rated goalscorers in the region with Ollie Mann up front but it was Havehill who came out on top and deservedly so. Good football played by both sides with Brantham going ahead early on but in reality only getting on top at the start of the second half. But how much closer to Wembley will Haverhill get?

I am sure many fans of Premier league and Championship clubs (on their international weekend break) attended non league games today, who ever came up with the idea of Non League Day last season deserves a medal!