Sunday, 26 February 2017

Thanks to Bart (and a Dane!)

Sunday 26 February 2017, Norwich City 1 Ipswich Town 1 - Championship, Carrow Road

Under the cosh but we got a point- thank you Bart

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Playing with the fans behind them

Saturday 18 February 2017, Ipswich Town 1 Leeds United 1 - Championship, Portman Road

What a difference a few weeks make, fans behind them, confidence high, playing well, new boys settling in - roll on Derby Day!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Munich - the other team, beer and an early kick off

Saturday 11 February 2017, 1860 Munich 2 Karlsruhr 1 - Bundesliga 2, Allianz Arena

It is not a secret, we all know there is another team in Munich, they have even had success on their own in the past but they do live in the shadow of their famous neighbours but at least going to watch them enables you to visit the Allianz Arena without worrying about ticket availability.

I was impressed with the outside of the stadium as we walked up from the 'U' bahn station but it seemed far too big for 1860, once we got inside - maybe down to both teams being near the bottom of the league and a 1pm kick off even stopped Bavarian's from getting too 'merry' before kick off.

Beer and watching football in Germany go as well together as Munich and beer, so you know straight away that drink will be involved in any trip and it certainly made the day more enjoyable as the football was nothing to write home.

The stadium is impressive, and certainly has its own distinct look but it is miles outside the city, and it may be jumping on a Champoions League night with over 70,000 packed in but you need a few beers to get a similar feel when it is a Bundesliga 2 game, most seats empty and the lick off is at 1pm!

They remember the stadium shape but maybe not its dark past

Friday 10 February 2017, 1FC Nuremberg 1 Eintracht Braunchsweig 1 - Bundesliga 2, Frankenstadion

They are quick to tell you and with pride that their stadium is the only one octagon shaped in Germany, and they are right to be proud of their stadium and their club - Der 'Club', but Nuremberg of all places does struggle with its past - what the fans of Nuremberg are less quick to tell you is that their stadium was also the venue for the annual Hitler Youth rally.

The stadium was here before Hitler took power but it soon became part of the large Nazi parade grounds, every September, hundreds of thousands of Nazi supporters would arrive in this southern German city for a week of rallies and meetings.

Zeppelin Field pre-war

Hitler may be long gone but his memory and his crimes live on in Nuremberg, right next to the stadium is the Zeppelin Fields and across the lake is the Nazi congress hall.. The hall is now home of the German Documentation centre, a museum that tells in detail the rise of Hitler and the part Nuremberg played in the rise and fall of the Nazi Party.

Zeppelin Field as it looks today

I would recommend that you all visit the centre if you can and to spend as long as is needed to take in all that is being told.

 Reminder of the crimes of Nazi Germany 

Nazi Congress Hall

Back to the football, in the octagon shaped stadium, you may not find a full house but you will find a crowd that supports their club with passion. They managed a draw tonight against a team pushing for promotion and that seemed enough to send the home fans happy but I wonder if any of them think about what took place on the Zeppelin Field in the 30's as they make their way back to the 'S' bahn station?

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Reserve win and 8 goals (all for us)

Monday 6 February 2017, Ipswich Town Under 23s 8 Watford Under 23s 0 - Professional Development League, Portman Road

What a game! All three new players contributing, 2 hat tricks, loads of bookings including one player getting 2 yellow cards and still not getting sent off. Plus Bishop back on form.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Some pride restored

Saturday 4 February 2017, Ipswich Town 2 Reading 2 - Championship, Portman Road

A better display and Portman Road was a far more pleasant to be at today. Good displays by all our new players.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Damp and depressing

Tuesday 31 January 2017 Ipswich Town 0 Derby County 3 - Championship, Portman Road

Lowest league crowd this century - not surprising!