Thursday, 22 December 2016

Long journey on the shortest day of the year for some football

Wednesday 21 December 2016, Sleaford Town 1 Peterborough Northern Star 1 - United Counties Premier Division, Eslaforde Park

Day of the winter solstice and I have to drive up to Lincolnshire for my football fix,well I did not have to drive over 100 miles on a dark cold night but it seemed a better way to spend an evening that be stuck upstairs whilst my wife entertained her work mates (they were still here when I got home!)

What i found in Sleaford was a nice modern set up and two teams who seemed keen to attack but were lacking in some of the basic skills - not helped by a poor pitch. Nice clubhouse but the burger and chips were the only food on offer and reports from others that the burger would not win any prizes- maybe a short trip down the road to Stamford for the club staff to taste their home made soup may give them an idea of what pre-match food can be.

The game itself deservedly ended a draw, but thanks to the (lack of)  quality of both the football and the food, I will not be quickly rushing back to South Lincolnshire

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