Sunday, 27 November 2016

Up the slope

Sunday 27 November 2016, Cray Valley (PM) 1 Tunbridge Wells 0 - Kent Reliance Senior Trophy, 2nd Round, Badgers Sports Ground

South of the Thames for some Sunday football and a ground that I visited last season only for the game to suffer a late call off. 118 in the crowd so playing on a Sunday certainly pulled a few extra fans in - plus a load of groundhoppers. First thing I noticed was how well organised and friendly Cray Valley are- willing to chat, nice clubhouse and plentiful supply of colour teamsheets.

After leaving the clubhouse the next thing was the slope - very noticeable and did wonder if it would make a big differnce in how the football was played by each side in each half.

Cray were the better team but Tunbridge were certainly dangerous on the break trouble for all the good football by mainly the younger players on each side that was wasted by more senior players whos pent most of the game arguing with the Ref who quickly filled up his little black book with many of their names.

Some of the senior players also seemed to be lacking in both skill and fitness- but all in all it was a good cup game but as it started to get colder, I for one was happy that extra time and penalties were not needed.

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