Thursday, 8 December 2016

Amongst the posh houses.

Wednesday 7 December 2016, Hadley 0 Hitchin Town 3 - Hertfordshire FA Senior Cup, Quarter Final, Brickfield Lane

At the bottom of the A1 amongst the houses of city stockbrokers (and Premier League footballers) sits the home of Hadley FC. I say the 'home' but in fact the club have only just returned after 8 years sharing the ground of Potters Bar Town, closer to the M25.

Seems locals not too keen on a non- league football club sharing their leafy commuter belt. But thanks to hydraulic floodlights, football is back in this part of Barnet. Money has been spent, neat fence, enough stands for this level and a good flat pitch - the clubhouse is under redevelopment but they still got the Christmas Tree up!

On the pitch, Hitchin were too good, crowd wise the locals seem to still be keeping their distance, with over half the crowd being made up of hoppers and Hitchin fans. Wonder how low the crowds will drop once all hoppers have 'ticked' off this neat little ground?

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