Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Friendly Club

Wednesday 16 Novemeber 2016, Peterborough Northern Star 3 Boston Town 0 - United Counties League, Premier Division, Branch Bros Stadium

Some clubs get more fans than they deserve - ( many Premier League clubs) but other clubs do not get the support they deserve or work for and Peterborough Northern Star are one of those sides.

From the minute you arrive at their ground - in the middle of a housing estate you see this is a club well loved by those who volunteer here. From the turnstiles to the quality programme - including free raffle you know you are going to be made welcome.

a nice bar and supporters keen to talk about football and give you their opinions on Peterborough area football.

Even the snack bar has enough food to meke sure the whole crowd could not only eat but have a choice.

Trouble is for all that effort they only attracted about 50 paying spectators last night. They deserve far more

On the pitch they have not only a young team but one with some of the shortest players I have seen at this level of football in fact the only other player who i have see so small was also in the Northern Star side, best bit was that they were two of the best players on show.

Hope to get back again to visit this friendly club - they deserve the support.

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