Sunday, 13 October 2013

Playing to the whistle

Saturday 12 October 2013, Halstead Town 2 March Town United 1, Thurlow Nunn Division One - Rosemary Lane

Malcolm Root is an Essex born, artist who specialises in painting steam trains, and many are set in scenes close to his Colchester home. Behind the bar at Halstead Town is a large print of one of his pictures - not one his more well know prints. So why on display at Rosemary Lane? the reason is the ground acts as the backdrop to the steam train - the painting is titles 'Playing to the whistle'

Hard to find a good copy of the print on the internet, but the painting has been used for Christmas Cards and more well known as the scene for a 1,00 piece jigsaw.

Take a visit to Rosemary Lane, a giant non-league stand - sit in it and you can almost imagine that steam train slowing down as it passes the ground so the driver can see how Halstead are getting on.

Getting back to the match - both teams attempted to play football and Halstead had some very young and skilful players (mainly out wide) but also a carthorse up front (but he did score both Halstead goals!) I think Halstead will find it harder as the season goes on as their pitch is certainly not one of the best - making it harder to stick to their passing game.

The Programme shop, damp, dark but full of great reminders of local football

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