Thursday, 31 October 2013

Closer than the two Dundee clubs- the Tram track Budapest rivals

Sunday 27 October 2013 , BKV Elore v Gyori ETO II, Hungarian Third Division at Sport Utcai Stadium

A visit to Budapest, with the hope of watching a game at the MTK ground - where the famous (Pele and Ipswich dominated) match in the war film 'Escape to Victory' was played/filmed. But their game was moved to Friday night but I did manage to watch a third division game at their neighbours, BKV Elore- that close that only a tram track divides them! BKV seem to be the Tram workers official works team and were formerly called - Budapest City Unified Railway Association (BEVVE)

The main stand is great to sit in, i say the main stand it is the only stand! The back of the stand can even be seen in the 'Escape to Victory' film.

A small crowd and a defeat to the Reserve team of Gyori ETO- Quickly realised it was a Reserve team when the lowest shirt number on view was 32 with keeper 84. But a nice sunny day, a beer and like the locals a packet of sunflower seeds. About 150 at the game, wondered if any of the older fans had been next door at the MTK Ground when Pele scored with a bicycle kick?

Trams and footballers

Above, the main stand and below the view of the MTK Ground from it:

The back of the stand and the tramline/street that divides the two clubs

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