Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oldest football grandstand in England?

Saturday 5 October 2013, Great Yarmouth 1 Haverhill Borough 0 - Thurlow Nunn Division 1, Wellesley Recreation Ground

Late arrival, meant no programme but that disappointment was made up for by an entertaining match, mild October weather (only 50 metres from the North Sea) and most of all - the picturesque ground and in particular the fantastic grandstand.

Not a fan of grounds with athletic tracks round them - Ilford, the Withdean being two which were not fan friendly but Yarmouth get away with it because of the surrounding buildings, the low stand on the far side and the grandstand - opened in June 1892, and possibly the oldest grandstand in England, if not the UK or the World.

Now there is a danger of saving stands because of their historical importance but making it too expensive for the club to use the stand - there has been a time where Yarmouth could not use the stand because of the risk of fire but money has been spent and the stand modernised for use but keeping that Victorian feel - it should be a 'must visit' for any sports ground historian.

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