Thursday, 31 October 2013

Budapest Football Stadiums

A weekend in Budapest meant I was able to visit a number of Hungarian football stadiums, but only get one match in! Better planning would enable most Football fans to get at least 3 games in and maybe more- cheap metro, trams and trolley buses and a small City means you can visit a number of grounds in a short time - well worth a visit and the city has much more to offer than football and cheap beer- but they are two good reasons to visit the Hungarian capitol on the Danube River.

BKV Elore - Sport Utcai Stadium

MTK Budapest - Hidegkuti Nandor Stadium (Escape to Victory)

Ferenc Puskas - Nep Stadium

Ferencvaros - Albert Stadium

Vasas FC - Illovszky Rudolf Stadium

Vasas II - Meszoly Kalman Palya

Angyalfoldi Sport Club

Iharos Sandor Margitszigeti Athletics Club

Nepfurdo Utca - Electric Company

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