Saturday, 7 May 2016

Welcome home!

Saturday 7 May 2016, Codicote 3 Hatfield Town 2 - Spartan South Midlands League, Division One, John Clements Memorial Ground

A drop down to watch a lower league game as not much being played higher up the pyramid but then we found we had chosen a game with an unexpected bonus.

Codicote have risen up the pyramid but they have gone beyond the grading of their ground so they have had to leave their village home, their John Clements Memorial Ground is a large recreation ground at the edge of the village which they share with cricket and tennis. The ground is named after a local teacher who lost his life in a fire in a hotel when he entered the building to rescue pupils.

The last 5 years have seen Codicote ground share away from the village, first at Hertford Town then at an athletics stadium. This has meant low crowds and a village with no senior football, that may soon change as the club has gained planning permission for a new stand and floodlights. The work is scheduled for this summer and if all goes well, Codicote will return to their home (and village) for next season.

Somehow the league had allowed them to return to their own ground for the last game of the season even though the ground does not reach the correct grading. What we found on our arrival was a superb clubhouse and a set of club volunteers who are determined to bring the club back to their home village.

                                          The old stand – no roof!

They will have left happy today, a bigger crowd than normal and good win to to boot! 

Penalty! 2-0

                                          Away team dog!

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