Sunday, 15 May 2016


Saturday 15 May 2016, AFC Wimbledon 1 Accrington Stanley 0 - Division Two, Play-off, semi-final 1st Leg, Kingsmeadow

I knew it was a non-league ground, was slightly bore by this holier than now image of AFC Wimbledon and also the constant abuse aimed at MK Dons by many in football - but I had not been to Kingsmeadow so the play-off game seemed a good good opportunity.

Tickets were going to be difficult to get and so I decided on match day hospitality - 3 tickets for myself, my fellow hopper, Colin and my wife - bad news, sold out!

Then started my change of opinion of AFC Wimbledon - a quick email to the club got a quick reply and the offer of extra seats in hospitality, this was followed by further emails from the club- all informative and helpful.

Then we arrived, found the bar, our table and the real Wimbledon kicked in - no dress code, everyone friendly, great service, good food, and packed but still a personal; service all at a good price.

Best bits? Ex-players including Dave Beasant chatting and willing to be photographed with everyone then an hour before kick off the Wombles manager came in, read out the team and gave a quick preview of the game - not sure any other club in the league would get this to happen.

We left, found our seat and a packed stadium - Accrington were better technically and had the best chance of a game with few chances, then the 'beast' came on as a sub- chaos in the Accrington defence and Wimbledon get a late winner.

So now I hope they get to Wembley - and win - they really are a fans club and one that is proud of their heritage but do not want to forget those who have got them where they are. I still think it is time the rest of football gave the MK Dons a chance, but it will be interesting nest season as both 'Dons' clubs may find themselves in the same division.


  1. If MK drops the Dons from there name it would help the rest of football to give them a chance.

  2. Only a Wimbledon supporter can understand the hurt that the theft of our club by Milton Keynes caused and why there is an enduring, intense dislike of them. That said I am pleased that you found us hospitable and that you had a good day. Peter Kilburn

  3. Somebody who thinks MK should be given a chance has never been through what WFC fans went through. Wimbledon was a always a family club and it was my family's club. It was destroyed by a non football supporting pop promoter and the FA. Although I love AFCW I will never forgive and hope they go out of business. WTID

  4. Nice review of the game. I have been a Don 35 years and I wonder how a current championship club (say Birmingham City ) would feel if their club was permitted to relocate to another city. Milton Keynes had a club which has disappeared since the transplant and the correct decision should have been to have invest in them. League positions should be earned not bought or stolen.

  5. Good article Alisdair and as Sean W says if MK dropped the dons from their name it ease a bit of tension. However you have to appreciate that AFC had to start from scratch. MK were given their place and status in the Football League. The original intention was for them to merge with Milton Keynes City after the management committee took them over, assume their name and play under that banner. They soon realised that it was a none starter due to the poor support and dissolved them, and formed MK. If MK had started at level nine like us, the bad feeling between us and them and the rest of football for that matter would be different.

  6. We gave them a chance hell they got our league place and stole part of our name what more of a chance you want us to give those stealing scum? Franchising has not place in the English game

  7. "I still think it is time the rest of football gave the MK Dons a chance." No other football club has had the chance that Franchise FC have had. They play in the League after they bought another club's place and that club no longer exists. What more of a chance should Franchise have?