Monday, 30 May 2016

Doing the Lokomotiva!

Sunday 29 May 2015, Lokomotiva DNV 3 FC Slovan Ivanka pri Dunaji 2 - Slovak Division 3 (Brataslva Region)  Sportovy Areal

A division lower but over double the supporters and that is even with distraction of Slovakia v Germany on the TV.

The way the village seemed to get behind the club may indicate that even if the Bratislava public may have fallen out of love with football, in the surrounding villages the game still alive and kicking. But with a  mini Ice Hockey rink behind one goal and an Ice Hockey training facility at the other end it becomes obvious that Ice Hockey is still the number one sport in Slovakia,

Under £2 to get to the village by train from Bratislava (12 minutes) and then a nice 10 minute walk through the fields it seemed a pleasant enough way to get to football but then to arrive and find that admission was under £1 including a programme and to see next to the entrance a beer and sausage stall I knew I had chosen the right location for a Sunday afternoon match.

The game was decent enough and the ground had plenty of character plus good beer in the clubhouse, Slovakian football has plenty offer the British groundhoppers.

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