Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Estadio Boettichan - small but welcoming

Sunday 6 May 2017, SR Villaverde - Boettichan CR 0 Trival Valderas 2 - Tercera Division Group 7, Estadio Boettichan

The visit to Vincente Calderon was fantastic and this may be at the other end of Spanish football but still a memorable visit because of the quaint stadium.

The home team are now safe from relegation in what is their first season in this division but today they were beaten by a team lower than them in the league, who now are almost safe because of this win. The visitors missed a penalty at the very end of the first half but did score from the spot when awarded a second penalty in the 57th minute. The home team had plenty of the ball but the Trival keeper never had much to do and the visitors added a second in the last minute with a cracking shot.

The home team number 10 was making his last appearance for the club and when he was subbed, he shook the hands of the 21 other players and even got a hug off the ref!

The football may not have been brilliant but the stadium was great - full of character, an astro pitch and modernised pavilion but the test of the ground was a 'hoppers' delight. Behind one goal were 3 concrete steps of old terracing, one side was open but the terracing was raised by about 6 foot giving a great view, You could watch the game from green park benches whilst eating bacon baguettes and drinking beer purchased from the kiosk at the top of the terrace. The other side had a low stand with seats in it and a corrugated iron roof with a cracking clubhouse behind it.

So the stadium is well worth a visit and you will be made most welcome - and to top it off the ground is only a few stops from the city centre on the metro.

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