Saturday, 13 May 2017

Crap team name but not a bad football side

Saturday 13 May 2017, AFC Your Shirts 3 Cockfield United 3 (AFC Your Shirts won 3-2 on pens) - at Church Road, Old Newton, Club Colours Cup Final

Cup final between Division 4 of the Suffolk and Ipswich League winners (Your Shirts) and the runners up from Division 3. Cockfield got off to a great start and were soon 2 up, the game threatened to get out of control as the young ref did not seem to want to book anyone and his assistants seemed to be already on holiday!

A third goal was added before the break and it seemed game over, but both teams came out much calmer in the second half and it was Your shirts who now took control of the game and they got 2 back and had plenty of chances to add more goals but it looked like the clock would beat them but with a minute left they got the equaliser their play deserved.

The extra time was a bit of an anti-climax and so it was to be decided on penalty kicks - 12 taken and 7 missed but it was AFC Your Shirts who came out on top.

The game was played at Church Road, home of Old Newton United, a good little set up, thriving clubhouse, roped off pitch, cracking playing surface and a small shed/beach hut cum stand to fit about 8 spectators in!

So AFC Your Shirts - crap club name but not a bad footballing side.

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  1. Hi Alasdair,

    Please could you get in contact with myself and explain what the problem is with the club name.

    Many thanks
    Grant Catchpole
    01473 414022