Thursday, 6 October 2016

Trams outdone by the Rams

Wednesday 5 October 2016, Croydon 0 AFC Croydon Athletic 3 - Southern Counties East Football League, Premier Division, Croydon Arena

The Croydon Derby match - 'The Trams' v 'The Rams', but only a small crowd in a vast athletics arena - not great atmosphere  and a cold windy night but we did some goal mouth action! In fact it could have ended up 5-5, the score certainly did not reflect the football played.

The visitors actually used to share this athletics arena, bet they are glad they are back at their own ground - even if the lights occasionally fail!

So Athletic stay top and am sure there will be plenty more good football this season, but even if many of the games are against close neighbours it does not seem to attract the crowds you would expect.

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