Saturday, 22 October 2016

New name, new venue but still no support

Friday 21 October 2016, Haringey & Waltham 0 Redbridge 2 - Essex Senior League, Terrence MacMillan Stadium

An easy drive down the A12/13 to an east London Athletics arena - but for me it was an opportunity to complete all the grounds in the Essex Senior League (does that make me a real groundhopper?)

Haringey the home team are a strange club- this is about their 4th name change - last season they were Greenhouse Sports, they are linked to the  Greenhouse Charity. Last year they played at Haringey Borough, so the strange thing is they move from North To East London, Haringey to Newham then they change their name to include Haringey.

They are bottom of the league and will struggle to get any higher this season, they have some good players and friendly (and young) bunch of volunteers but with a crowd today of about 35 and very few of them supporting Haringey, you wonder what the future holds for this club.

Highlight of the evening was the celebration of the first goal by Neil the pretend commentator- famous in non-league circles in East London.

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