Thursday, 29 October 2015

How to support your team

Saturday 24 October 2015, FC Union Berlin 0 SC Paderborn 07 2, German 2nd Division - Stadion An der Alten Forsteri

A trip to Berlin and a visit to Union Berlin – another German club with a reputation for doing the right thing off the pitch, thier supporters have just two rules, never boo your own team and never leave before the finish! After the last few weeks at Portman Road I thought it would make a nice change as in Ipswich it seems the home fans are getting restless.

Arrived early and the sun was out to meet us, a good crowd against a place where  I used to live- so i was on a winner.

Everyone outside the ground seemed to be drinking but afterwards they neatly place their bottles in trolleys where the trolley owner will take them off to get the deposits back. They even sell knitted scarf’s that have a knitted beer can/bottle holder attached.

Throughout the game the noise and cheering never stopped, even when the team were two nil down! At the end of the match all the afns stayed in their places and then one of the team took to the microphone to apologise for the result.  The fans then cheered the results again and then stayed for more beer, sausage and chat with fellow fans.

A big change from the current atmosphere at Ipswich but maybe the Union players are undeserving of this support, they were poor with one of the forwards in particular very disappointing, are they under no pressure because the fans will never turn on them?

I encourage you to get out to Berlin, and take the trip down to the forest to see Union play – the team may not impress but the fans certainly will.

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