Monday, 31 August 2015

This is how to build a new ground

Monday 31 August 2015, St Neots Town 2 Biggleswade Town 0 - Southern Premier Division - Premier Plus Stadium

So many modern grounds are popping up all over the country from the top leagues to non league, many have no character and some are built very cheaply so it makes a nice change to visit a new ground, that does the job but has some character and is built with the future in mind. You can add the new(ish) ground of St Neots to that list, as soon as you arrived - no forget that before I had a good feeling about this trip before I arrived. On the way to the game I tweeted that I was on the way to a game at St Neots and I got a tweet back giving me advice on car parking!

The ground had a great bar, tea bars and a programme at £3 that was exceptional value. The ground itself has the potential to grow and you can see that it will not need much doing to it to bring it up to Conference standard. Plus easy to get to with even a bridge direct from the railway station.

Best bit? The TV gantry, would be even better if they made all the Press go in there! Some new grounds can leave you cold but this one is not like that- well worth a visit.

Almost forgot the match! A local Derby, as ma fellow fan called it the 'el Fenio'- - two red cards but it was not a dirty game, thanks to a good ref- strange thing was the 'Waders' were on top till St Neots lost a player which seemed to wake them up and not long after they took the lead, and not long after it was 10 men a side.

The second half saw St Neots extend their lead and it was only in the last 10 minutes did Biggleswade re-discover the form they showed in the first 20 and put some pressure on the home team goal.

So great stadium, amazing TV gantry, good game, fantastic programme - only minus point? Have had better burgers at other grounds!

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