Sunday, 30 August 2015

The road to Wembley starts near a forest in Norfolk - with plenty of (first half) goals!

Sunday 30 August 2015, Thetford Town 3 Bury Town 5, FA Cup Preliminary Round - Mundford Road

With the poor current form of Thetford, a Bury win was not a surprise and we also expected plenty of goals and withing 20 minutes it looked like we were right as Bury rushed into a 4 nil lead but what we did not expect was the spirited comeback of Thetford.

By halftime Thetford had pulled it back to 3-5 so we grabbed a quick cuppa and tool our seats ready for further goals - and we got none! what we did get was scrappy hafl of poor control, niggle fouls and all under a dark cloud as the rain threatened to start. in fact you may have wondered if both teams had completely changed teams at half time. A very strange match!

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