Thursday, 19 February 2015

No need to stand on a milk crate, just empty the beer crate

Sunday 15 February 2015, HSV Barmbek - Uhlenhorst 1 SV Halstenbek - Rellingen 0, Wilhelm-Rupprecht-Platz - Oberliga Hamburg

Only a short journey to the home of Barmbek - Uhlenhorst but took a slightly longer route by the brilliant Hamburg Public Transports service to visit the home of VFL Hamburg.

I arrived at the Wilhelm-Rupprecht-Platz with plenty of time to spare and found a fantastic little ground, with over 350 other fans joining me as the hosts took on the current league leaders. This ground had a brilliant feel to it and the design would become quite well known to me by the end of the weekend as a number of grounds were of the similar style. Great terracing, a few seats, no cover, a great clubhouse and the terraces steep enough to get a great view.

Again a free programme and this time more gluhwein but also a half time beer and a frikadelle. The home team won a close game 1-0 and the result was well received by the decent sized crowd.

Best bit? The crates of beer at the feet of the home fans!

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