Thursday, 19 February 2015

Faith in Paloma

Sunday 15 February 2015, USC Paloma 0 FC Suderelbe 2, Jonny Rehbein Sportplatz - Oberliga Hamburg

After landing in Germany less than an hour earlier I found myself at my first game at the start of 3 days of matches and ground visiting in Hamburg.

Only missed the fist few minutes as I joined a crowd of 150 to see Paloma play FC Suderelbe. The first shock was to see that the game was going to be played on astro turf. i knew it would not be grass but was expecting it to be a shale surface. We do not have many in England but you do find them in Scotland but it seems that German grounds are moving to G4 pitches.

A good game with Paloma ending up with 9 players but a strange experience as no fences and you could walk round the whole pitch. The good bits were only 6 Euros to get in, free programme and gluhwein and a bratwurst for 5 Euros. But a great start to my 3 day trip.

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