Sunday, 27 January 2013

Leave it to an expert

Saturday 26th January 2013 - Maldon & Tiptree 2 Redbridge 2 – Wallace Binder Ground – Ryman League Division One, North

Is it the sea air and salt or just some great volunteers but Maldon was one of the few games in the area that seemed certain to be played - so I arrived at the Essex Ground and was shocked to see one Maldon fan in shorts and a vest! It was the warmest day for a few weeks but not that warm. Half time and checking on the Town score, I came across a twitter picture with the same vested Essex man- and realised that a real 'non-league' 'ground hopping' football expert had also chosen the same game. Stuart Fuller, veteran of Germany, Spain and Zagreb was also enjoying a green pitch thanks to the sea and salty air.

The second half was spent in the company of Stuart where we saw Redbridge get a draw thanks to a goalkeeping banana shot! But rather than me tell you about the game; i suggest you read the report from Stuart- with his fantastic photographs plus a snap of the vested Essex man.

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