Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fans and team - both can be proud of efforts

Saturday 5 January 2013, Aston Villa 2 Ipswich Town 1, FA Cup 3rd Round at Villa Park

I'll admit it I don't miss the Premier League and have no great desire to return to it- selfish as unlike many younger Town fans I have seen us not only play in the top league but in 81 have the best team in Europe - but there are good things about the top league - quality of football and superb grounds- Villa certainly have a fantastic ground- modern inside but outside the historical parts have been kept. The quality of football? Well not much better than the Championship - Villa are a poor team in what is a poor year for the top league and Ipswich will feel that we should have at least got a replay.

The support was fantastic and we never stopped singing and cheering the team on, even Villa fans have commented on the noise we made- of course we were helped by the 70 Fortuna Dusseldorf fans who came over to support us.

In 1981 we were the best team in Europe, beating Villa 3 times even though they ended up winning the league so seeing the name Withe on a banner in the stand next to us was a great if slightly sad reminder of when we were the two best teams in the country - both are certainly far from that now.

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