Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wednesday on a Saturday

Saturday 20th February - Sheffield Wednesday 0 Ipswich Town 1
A trip to South Yorkshire, one of our favourite trips, even with a missed train we were in the 'Howard' pub in the city centre by 12.30.

A taxi ride a few hours later has us arriving at the back of the huge Kop by 2.40pm.

Once one of the biggest open terraces in the country- a true 'Kop', it was Ipswich who were the last opponents before a roof was placed on the stand. The arrival of seats made it the largest seating stand in the country.

We walked past and down the to away end, the Leppings Lane end, a name that has an unenviable name in British football. to aways fans, it is just a very large away end, seemingly miles from any home supporters with only the the top their used and plenty of room but the view obscured by two large stand supports.

But you wonder how Liverpool fans feel when they walk up to the stand, I should leave earlier for the game and visit the Memorial Garden, you would have expected a bigger memorial, such as the Hillsborough Gates at Liverpool, but you can also understand how the City of Sheffield and the club are not so keen to remember something that has left such a taint on the ground.

Inside it still has that feel of a 'big game' ground, and the main stand has a gable so much liked by the ground builders of of the early 20th century. so a great ground to visit, oh and a great result to boot.(plus the thrill of a journey back into the city by the 'Supertram').

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