Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tuesday 9th February Loftus Road

County Clare not QPR

Tuesday 9th February 2010, QPR 1 - Ipswich Town 2 - Loftus Road

There are many reasons why we like certain grounds more than others, and often it is more to do with results of your team rather than stadium facilities. I love Loftus Road - reasons? Results- we often seem to get a good away win in West London, my first ever Ipswich away match without my father was at Loftus Road in Easter 1974. Now facilities wise - crap, overcharged £30 and the view from the upper or lower tieir is crap- but I still love going there.
it also has to do with the cosmopolitan feel of Shepherd's Bush, and I love having a few beers by the Green. you can't beat one of the numerous Irish Pubs, where you will find pictures of the current QPR team next to pictures of the maverick Stan Bowles and next to them a picture of a County Clare GAA winning team.

So crap view from the away end, £30 , but you will still see me looking forward to my trips to Shepherd's Bush.

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