Saturday, 15 April 2017

Dodgy Ref

Sunday 9 April 2017, FK Rad 0 FK Red Star Belgrade 4 - Supa Liga, Stadion Kralj Petar I

Last game of the tour and the one where we expected a full house and a chance to see the top team in Serbia.

First off all it was not a full house with plenty of room in our stand and the home terrace, but the Red Star fans were packing into a top tier cage - they sang all game but did not seem to take much notice of the match.

The home fans, vastly outnumbered by Red Sta supporters waved a few flags, sung a few songs but they seemed to know they were only at the game to make the numbers up. But like Partizan on Satuirday the (dodgy) ref seemed keen to make sure the top team won. Just in front of us the home team had a stone wall penalty turned down and after that  Red Star woke up and took control of the game.

Dodgy officials? cheating? Not sure but it certainly seemed far from a competitive even game.

The stadium was 2 sided and our stand still looked like it was only partly built and the home terrace was lacking anything but a few concrete steps.

But like the way the VIP seats were just posh chairs from the club restaurant!

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