Thursday, 2 March 2017

Distant stand

Wednesday 1 March 2017, Wodson Park 2 Codicote 1- Spartan south Midlands League, Division 1, Wodson Park Athletics Ground

Not a bad game, 3 goals, 2 red cards and a friendly (if small crowd) but hard to like football grounds that are also athletic stadiums. Some do it well, Enfield and Hornchurch but some are cold bleak places- Croydon.

Not all bad at Wodson, a bar, tea and coffee and a good programme but the one stand - is big enough for their small crowds, it keeps the rain off, you can stand or sit but the big issue? It is over 60 metres from the pitch - with the track and 2 long jump pits )and  some grass) between the stand and the pitch. It could be worse! When I visited in the Summer the stand was placed down by the corner flag.

But at least Wodson have a home and far better than the G3 cgae next door where Ware

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