Monday, 13 February 2017

Munich - the other team, beer and an early kick off

Saturday 11 February 2017, 1860 Munich 2 Karlsruhr 1 - Bundesliga 2, Allianz Arena

It is not a secret, we all know there is another team in Munich, they have even had success on their own in the past but they do live in the shadow of their famous neighbours but at least going to watch them enables you to visit the Allianz Arena without worrying about ticket availability.

I was impressed with the outside of the stadium as we walked up from the 'U' bahn station but it seemed far too big for 1860, once we got inside - maybe down to both teams being near the bottom of the league and a 1pm kick off even stopped Bavarian's from getting too 'merry' before kick off.

Beer and watching football in Germany go as well together as Munich and beer, so you know straight away that drink will be involved in any trip and it certainly made the day more enjoyable as the football was nothing to write home.

The stadium is impressive, and certainly has its own distinct look but it is miles outside the city, and it may be jumping on a Champoions League night with over 70,000 packed in but you need a few beers to get a similar feel when it is a Bundesliga 2 game, most seats empty and the lick off is at 1pm!

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