Saturday, 21 January 2017

Dial M for Merthyr

Saturday 21 January 2017, Kettering Town 1 Merthyr Town 3 - Southern League Premier, Latimer Park

Kettering have a had a rough time over the last few years, going bust, forced from their old ground but recent promotion has seen them climbing the football pyramid again - and the club still attract good crowds.

The home of UCL side Burton Park Wanderers has improved since Kettering have moved in but the ground still seems very basic and the lights and pitch certainly do not look up to standard for this level of football, but the crowds still come.

But not everyone at Latimer Park is happy, many of the home crowd were moaning about the team and the manager but it may have been slightly unfair today as the pitch certainly did not help their ball playing central defenders and they should give their opponents some credit as they certainly put in a good away display. If Merthyr keep turning in displays like this they should at least make the play offs.


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