Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How long left, Ref?

Tuesday 20 September 2016, Potters Bar Town 3 Canvey Island 2 - FA Cup 2nd qualifying round, replay - Parkfield

I enjoy my trips to non league grounds, the chatter in the stands, the odd stands and strange clubhouses - the run day stadiums, quirky venues and sometime you also see some good football. But last night had a bit off all that and a fantastic, close cup tie to boot.

A ground close to the M25, a side of the ground overlooked by flats, a small clubhouse, plenty of groundhoppers, the usual wag in the crowd with their funny comments and a home team well on top who then decided to play for time and nearly ended up going to extra time!

The ref could have booked a number of Potters Bar players for time wasting but did not - where he was right though was that he added on all the minutes wasted and almost on the whistle the Potters Bar keeper (who wasted the most time) had to make a finger tip save to stop the game going on past 10pm. The two teams certainly served up the best game I had seen this season so far.

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