Saturday, 9 July 2016

Wodson Park, but which one?

Saturday 9 July 2016, Wodson Park 1 Hoddesdon Town 3 - Pre-season friendly, Wodson Park G3 Cage

Last year I went and saw Ware play at Wodson Park, at a purpose built ground next to an athletics stadium on the edge of Ware. Whilst visiting, I spotted that there was pitch within the athletics track and found out it was the home of Wodson Park.

So when I saw that Wodson were playing a home friendly today thought it would be a good opportunity to knock off this ground - I even heard they had a new seated stand.

I arrived with 20 minutes to spare and saw the new stand, but disappointingly the game had been moved to Wodson Park (ground 3!) the G3  cage that is situated slightly raised behind one of the goals of the ground inside the athletics track and next to the back of the stand of Ware FC.

The game itself was not bad for a friendly - both teams committed , but the game was slightly spoilt by a gusting cross wind. Wodson were unlucky to fall behind at the end of the first half but it was obvious that Hoddesdon were the stronger team as the game went.

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