Wednesday, 24 September 2014

9 Players, 9 fans, but still a great club!

Tuesday 23 September 2014, Stanway Rovers 1 Clapton FC 0, Essex Senior Cup - 2nd Round, Hawthorns

Kick off 50 minutes late because of accidents on the A12, Clapton starting with 9 men- no time for the London club to warm up. After 20 minutes they had 11 players but no water bottles and no subs till half time and all against an in-form and organized Stanway side- so a great effort by Clapton in that they only lost to an 89th minute goal.

Then we have the Clapton Ultras- what a set of fans, I was not sure many would attend as a long trip to North Essex on a Tuesday night even without the accidents on the A12, but they arrived and sung throughout the whole game.

No pyro but they had their flags and banners with them, red and black and anti fascist.

The songs included 'Senegal's number one' when their keeper arrived on the pitch, 20 minutes after the game had started! Songs about every player, about living in the East End and a very aimed at Stanway.

When a Clapton played was replaced by a sub, he took his shirt off and joined the 'Ultras' behind the goal.

What a club, what a team and what fantastic supporters- you made me feel proud to be a football fans - and a socialist!

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