Saturday, 31 May 2014

Derelict but for how much longer? Surrey Docks Stadium - Fisher FC

May 2014

Derelict sites can look sad but also interesting, derelict football stadiums always eem to have a tale to tell. The pitch always deteriorates first, long grass, weeds, then fly-tipping but for months and often years the stands and terraces remain – looking like the ground could re-open once the grass was cut then the colour of the plastic seats fades, the vandals move in, graffiti arrives and then metal is removed for scrap but even then you can still often see the steps in the terrace or an old stand wall.

Surrey Docks Stadium was once home to Fisher FC, the site in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe has been derelict since 2004 when Fisher moved out but now the site has been earmarked for housing and the plan also includes Fisher moving back to a new ground on the opposite side of Salter Road. So in the next few years we may see Fisher return to Rotherhithe.

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  1. visited the new ground last night for the visit of Cray Valley, who won 0-3.

    Fisher FC attracted their biggest attendance so far, since returning and that was 189.

    The facilities, whilst basic will improve once the Southwark Council pass control over to the management company, which should happen pretty soon.

    So it is case of watch this space.

    Good skill to secretary Ian Murphy and all the committee members.