Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ground share and a nice white fence!

Wednesday 25 September 2013, Grays Athletic 4 Bury Town 3, Ryman League Premier Division, Mill Field, Averley FC

What is it about Thurrock, East London and this part of Essex? Clubs come, go, share grounds, share names, merge - but still some fans stay loyal. Over 100 Grays’ fans attended this home match- but not played in Grays but down the A13 in Averley - but closer to Grays than their previous home in Romford!!

The ground has seen better days, but a massive pitch, concrete path all the way round and a great wooden grandstand - with quaint white fence! Not all great as a poor clubhouse, expensive hot dog but visit if you can as Averley plan to move to a new home only a stone’s throw away. But as with many other clubs in this area- all dependent on selling their current home to developers- could be a long wait!

The game itself? Brilliant, seven goals, booking and a missed penalty!

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