Thursday, 9 May 2013

No bottle!

Wednesday 8 May 2013, Suffolk Senior Cup Final, Whitton United 1 Ipswich Wanderers 1 (Wanderers win 3-2 on penalty's) Portman Road

I like a bit of non league football but sometimes get annoyed when many journalists use the non league as some great example to the professional game. Pretending that all in the non league game is great.

Now this final had some pluses, a good crowd, local rivals and plenty of goalmouth action but also highlighted that not all is rosy in the non league garden.

Arguments between fans and stewards (not helped by a number of jobsworth stewards) arguments and threats from committee members from one of the competing clubs and then quality forwards not having the bottle to take a penalty in the shoot out and leaving the task to two 16 year olds!

Then we had a terrible refereeing display - hardly spotted a foul but then ended up sending off a Whitton player in extra time - but I am still glad I went and will be at the Premier Cup Final next week.

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