Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Summer sport?

Friday 5 April 2013 - New York Mets 5 Miami Marlins 7, National League Baseball - Citifield, New York

My first baseball match and the first night game of the season - mistake- bloody freezing and this certainly is a summer sport. I arrived at this fantastic stadium with a basic knowledge of the way the sport I splayed but with a slightly better understand of the history of the game. My brother (who lives in NYC) gave me some tips but was also in shock that I had chosen a Mets game- Yankees are by far the most popular team in the city.

I enjoyed the game- even in the cold and was amazed at the catering at the event- pizzas to burgers to crinkly chips! So if you get a chance to visit a ball park in the US, take it - you will not be disappointed

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