Thursday, 1 November 2012

More than one team in Barcelona

Saturday 27th October 2012, Espanyol 0 Malaga 0, Spanish Primera Division

Estadi Cornella - El Prat

I had to escape the dire football being served up at Ipswich so off I went to Barcelona, but not a game at the Nou Camp for me it was to the 'other' team in Barcelona - Espanyol.

Their stadium may not be a big as the Nou Camp but it is one of the best grounds in Europe and very new but has a great feel to it.

Not a big crowd as third placed Malaga arrived in town; Espanyol may be near the bottom but were the better team in an entertaining nil nil draw.

One myth we hear in England is that football is far cheaper on the continent - not so in Spain and TV also rules the roost here - you can see every game on live TV as not one game kicks off at the same time. Another pain is that kick off times are not decided till a week before the fixture.

So if you go to Barcelona, take a tour of the Nou Camp, visit the Olympic Stadium but catch a match at La Prat!

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