Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Olympic Journey

The Olympic Journey – The Story of the Games – Exhibition, Royal Opera House

The excitement of GB winning the medals, the superb stadia and the enjoyment of spectating at all the sports events has led many to forget that there is another part to the Olympic Games – The Cultural Olympiad. But if you visit London, there are a number of cultural events you can visit – and most are free.

Yesterday I visited the BP Sponsored event, a great location – The Royal Opera House, I had expected to just see some pictures and notes but found a much more interactive display. It started with a history of the ancient Greek Games, with a cartoon video of a chariot race, I predicted a Macedonia win- but they were caught out cheating!

The next room featured Baron De Coubertin and how he led the movement to start the modern games, Much Wenlock in Shropshire is mentioned.

The best bit for me was the history of the torch and the exhibition featured a torch from very games since Berlin in 1936. There was a further display of all the medals that have been issued and then the last room features items on some of the greatest Olympic athletes – the names you would expect are there, Redgrave, Owns, Korbut but also some who may have been forgotten but who were trailblazers in sport through both their achievements but also because of their race, gender or colour – step up the likes of Edoado Mangiarotti and Balbir Singh.

Get along to the Royal Opera House, well worth the visit – Convent Garden to the 12th August.

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