Saturday, 9 June 2012

A 'Must visit' stadium - Berlin Olympic

Wednesday 6th June 2012
Visit to Berlin Olympic Stadium

If you visit one new ground in Europe this year make it the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The right mixture- sport, politics, world history and architecture.

The whole experience was positive from the cheap admission, the site plan and then the self-guided tour. You can take the organised tour and see the superb changing rooms, chapel and all the other parts of the UEFA Grade 5 stadium but it is the park itself that is amazing, the way they have kept the fell of the 19436 stadium by not letting the building of a roof for the 2006 World Cup take away the fine design of Werner March.

The statues, the outdoor swimming pool and then the reminders of Hitler and the Nazi era- the Bell tower and the Olympic Bell.

The 1940 Olympics was meant to be in Tokyo but from 1944 Hitler declared all further Olympics would be held in Berlin – thankfully he was proved wrong but I do hope that London 2012 Olympic Park is still as good as the Berlin Olympic Stadium and Park after 76 years.

Just visit as you will be amazed, enjoy the photographs.

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