Sunday, 13 March 2011

That's more like real football!

Saturday 12th March 2011 - Leeds United 0 Ipswich Town o, Elland Road - Championship

May not have been a great game, but it was a great point plus a great battling display.

Elland Rd, is a traditional ground and every game there has a big match feel. from the hot dog vans, badge sellers, bars, old pubs and maybe some of the more unsavory things, poor stewarding and a slight tension in the ground at time - but a far more welcoming place than it was in the v1970's.

For many soldiers, Elland Rd will remind them of Afghanistan, and it is not Elland Rd is intimidating (but it can be at times) but it is because all round the ground, you see adverts for Hesco Bastion, a Yorkshire firm that has done well out of the war, all the camps are made out of Hesco. So a name that will always be linked with Helmand and Sangin.

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