Sunday, 21 February 2010

A game of statues!

Now I am a self confessed sports ground fanatic ( and I am sure most of you are too) bot I love the recent surge in statues at sports grounds, and fellow Town fan Ralph Morris has a nice series on his blog, Extreme Ground Hopping looking at statues at grounds. Love the statue at Helsingborg, of their goalkeeper Karl-Oskar “Rio-Kalle” Svensson, not only slightly different but it reminds me of a great trip to Sweden to see Ipswich play.
I have asked Ralph is there a list off statues somewhere on the net - or shall we start one?
The picture is of a statue that I believe is in Budapest, anyone know for sure?
So check out Extreme Ground hopping to see his series on sports statues (up to 14 so far)

Extreme Ground Hopping have uncovered the full story behind the statue of football boots in Hungary (read it here) , and even a link to a brilliant Hungarian Football blog- all about the statue that was erected on National Football day - Yes we may think that football means everything to us here in the UK, but in Hungary they even have a National Football Day

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